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English lamb is well known for its distinctive and delicious flavour, so at Shutelake we are proud to produce a flavoursome and tasty product, which we hope you enjoy eating as much as we enjoy producing.  In our opinion, the best lamb is available in the late summer and autumn.  Our lambs are true “spring” lambs.  They are born in April so that their mothers can munch on the newly growing spring pasture, rich in wild meadow grasses, herbs and flowers, thus producing copious milk to rear their lambs.  Lambs begin to take their first nibbles of grass at just a few days old and increase their intake as the summer progresses, naturally weaning themselves on nature’s intended food. The result is a sweet, tender and juicy meat perfectly marbled just as British lamb should be.

Our lamb is available at Fordmore Farm Shop, Cullompton, just fifteen minutes from where it is produced.  Fordmore Farm Shop prides itself on the locality and quality of the produce they stock, and as such we are proud to supply them with our meat.  The lamb is hung and butchered on site, so you can buy "off the shelf" or if you have a specific order in mind, you can contact Fordmore's butcher on 01884 839742 (hello@fordmore.co.uk).  Alternatively you can contact us via this website and we will ensure your order is passed on.